This is my Degrassi blog. Keep in mind that I don't bite...hard. BUT, I do bite. Seriously, you ask me to bite you and don't be surprised when I do. As for hate, bring it on. All of you haters mean nothing to me. I laugh at it. Ask me what's on your mind. Tuesday isn't the only day for TMI questions. They're fun to answer. Go ahead and push my limits. Lol. You'd be surprised. Canadian? Yes. Love Munro Chambers? Check. Love his brother Thomas Chambers? Yah. Annie Clark? She wished me a happy birthday this year. :) Jordy Todosey? My rolemodel. <3 Aislinn Paul? She's too cute for words. Me? Eh, I'm just weird. DISCLAIMER: I can't and won't be on 24/7 due to school and hospital visits. I'm just not wired right and I always have to go in to make sure I'm ohkay for a while. Right now, I have a double kidney infection and something's wrong with my heart. So, I won't be on all the time to blog. But, I hope you come back to check out the blog. :) Love you all! ~H.
P.S. Oh, btw, I'm Hillary-Taylor. :)



1: What is your full name?
2: Have you ever stolen something, and if yes what was it?
3: Do you believe in love at first sight?
4: Type the first complete paragraph on page 74 of the nearest book to you.
5: What can you smell right now?
6: Post a picture of your current workspace.
7: Which is your favorite fanfic and why?
8: write a short poem about the person you are currently in love with. (You do not need to mention who they are.)
9: Do you keep a scrapbook? If yes, what do you put in it?
10: Reply to this with ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’ in your own handwriting.
11: Which city or town were you bAsk away. They’re rather intriguing.orn in?
12: How long can you hold your breath for?
13: Press ctrl + V in the reply box and publish your answer. (Let’s see what you last copied.)
14: What can you currently hear?
15: What is the color of your shirt?
16: What color are your socks today?
17: If you could have any type of hair and hairdo you wished for, how would you choose to have your hair?
18: What is the worst thing that’s been shown at the West End or Broadway in your lifetime?
19: What are your OTPs?
20: Which popular ships do you disagree with?
21: Have you ever written fanfiction?
22: List all of the celebrities you have met personally.
23: Unpopular opinion?
24: What time is it and where are you?
25: Look at your iPod. What is the name of the last song you listened to? Which band/artist is it by?
26: What was the last thing you texted someone?
27: What was the last thing someone texted you?
28: Draw a unicorn being ridden by one of your OTPs and reply with your drawing.
29: What is the name of the last country you took an airplane to?
30: Have you ever punched someone? If yes, who and why?
31: Have you ever resorted to self-harm?
32: Who is your most favorite author?
33: Which childhood television program do you miss the most?
34: What is usually the first thing to pass your lips in the morning?
35: What was the last thing you watched on television and how long ago was it?
36: What is your claim to fame?
37: How far have you ever gone with the opposite sex?
38: How far have you ever gone with the same sex?
39: Do you believe in the theory of Evolution?
40: Shut your eyes for a minute. Describe clearly what you saw.
41: Are you currently in love?
42: How many bones have you broken in your body before?
45: What do you consider the comfiest comfort food of all?
46: What song do you listen to when you are feeling glum?
47: What song do you listen to when you’re feeling ‘psyched’?
48: What are your five most favorite television programs (in no particular order)?
49: Who are your greatest Tumblr friends?
50: How high is your bed from your bedroom floor?
51: Do you have any posters on your bedroom Walls? If yes, what are they of?
52: Are you a grammar Nazi?
53: What was the loveliest anonymous message you have ever received? Can you remember what it said? If yes, type it up in your reply.
54: do you have any cuddly toys on your bed? If yes, what are they?
55: What annual event do you celebrate the most? And, briefly, how do you celebrate it?
56: What is your father’s profession?
57: What color are the walls in the room you are currently in?
58: Have you ever been to the Olympics? If yes, state the city and the year. If no, why not?
59: What is the weather like right now and what is the temperature outside?
60: Describe one of your cousins. (If you have any)
61: Have you ever lied about your name? If yes, which name did you use instead of your own?
62: what is the worst thing you have ever done to a friend?
63: what did you have for lunch today?
64: describe your least favorite teacher.
65: What object is to your immediate right?
66: How often do you ride a bicycle?
67: Do you exercise? If yes, how?
68: Concentrate. What can you currently taste in your mouth?
69: Did you giggle childishly at this number because of undapper thoughts?
70: Are you double-jointed?

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You wanna know who I miss? Fitz.  


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Reblog if you are in the DTC: 



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HAHAHAHAHA I love this video. Luke is the cutest thing ever. I adore his laugh.

“DK? This is Donkey Kong?” LMAO <3

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Everyone go here and vote for my school!

go there, click the game of the week poll and vote for Game 4!!!! <3


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TakeOver (Owners) - Jordan Francis, Luke Bilyk, & Don Swagville (by projam)

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